Golden Beach


The luxurious Golden Beach is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean just north of Sunny Isles Beach. This is the only place in all Miami, where you can buy a house right on the beach with your own private beach!

Since its establishment in 1929, Golden Beach has become one of the most attractive cities for living in South Florida. Modern luxury houses in the Californian and modern styles are mostly on the banks of the Intracoastal canal or directly on the Atlantic Ocean. In Golden Beach, the construction of commercial real estate and condominiums is prohibited, which makes this community in the middle of urban Miami so unique. Residents of the city or their guests can use the private beach. Owners of villas in the gated community can relax under the protection of round the clock security of the entire territory. Golden Beach provides all the amenities, from children's and sports grounds, to specially designed venue for special events.

If you are planning to buy a house in Miami, this area is a great place for buying elite real estate!

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