Description of the Image-Maker service

Shopping accompaniment_ Шопинг сопровождение

Amas Realty gives you a chance to transform yourself through our new service of a shopping
accompaniment (or, in another words, an image maker). The recommendations of our
specialist will help you avoid boring stores and useless purchases. When in such a huge city like
Miami, the probability of getting lost from the abundance of shops or making a mistake in
buying the wrong thing is very high. With our specialists, before your trip, a strategic plan will
be developed for visiting the largest shopping centers and designer boutiques, taking into
account your budget and your favorite brands. As a result of the program, unique things will be
chosen that will make you happy.
As a result of receiving the service:

  • The purposes of further shopping in Miami will be formed.
  • A map of a shopping tour will be drawn up taking into account budget and preferences for particular brands.
  • Consultations and assistance of the image-maker in the selection of clothes, shoes, accessories for both adults and children.
  • Consultations and assistance in the selection of cosmetic products.
  • Recommendations for current discounts and providing our available discount cards in boutiques.
  • Transportation on elite class car that you can choose from the catalog.

The duration of the program is only limited by your goals and desires, however, it should not
last more than 6 hours a day. We are sure that even a little amount of time will be effective for
an impressive wardrobe makeover every woman dreams about!
For more detailed information contact us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions!

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