Property management

Property management_ управление недвижимостью
  • Timely payment of taxes on real estate and land properties
  • Maintenance of your house adjacent territory (taking care of the lawn and trees, cleaning up leaves enc.)
  • Preparing properties for hurricane
  • Maintenance of small and major repairing works
  • Preparing the property for moving in
  • Preparation of housing for the arrival of owners/ tourists
  • Regular and major cleaning of the house/apartments
  • Making monthly cost reports
  • Maintenance of the pool
  • Taking care of the air-conditioning system (in the state of Florida it has an important role in maintaining the microclimate of the premises)
  • Rent of your properties

Amas Realty is ready to provide you an even bigger spectrum of real estate management services. If you are interested in something that is not listed above contact us and our professional team will assist you!

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