Real estate tour

Real estate tour_ тур по недвижимости

Amas Realty offers you a special opportunity to go on Miami real estate tour on a gorgeous white yacht. Looking for a new dream home or a profitable investment has never been so thrilling!

Yachts that are listed in our catalogue provide visitors with everything necessary to make you spend unforgettable time looking for your perfect place in this paradise city.

Spacious yacht’s floor is best for sunbathing and relaxing in a good company, being surrounded by stunning views of the water and outstanding Miami skyline. From the deck of a yacht you will be able to estimate all the benefits and beauty of the objects that may interest you. If you are looking for a property near the ocean, a yacht tour will be the best option for you!

Another option that Amas Realty provides its clients is a guided helicopter tour. Being able to see all the objects from the sky gives you amazing opportunity to choose the right place for you. You’ll enjoy the picturesque world-famous landscape of Miami and see all the sights from top. White sand beaches, azure crystal water, palm trees, city lights and luxurious houses of celebrities will never let you stay unimpressed.

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